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In the spa suites, a world of colours and soft lighting brings in an unreal dimension, punctuated by music and enriched by the aromas that accompany the ritual of massage, skillfully performed by Francesco Chironna, professional in Beauty & Make Up.
With his usual attention to detail and his keen ability to read the aura of the human soul, by surrendering to his hands, you can purify yourself and reach a sublime state of relaxation, inner balance and serenity.

It was in Milan that Francesco experienced and acquired professional skills that make his art of massage a real search of inner well-being that can be taken on board, listening to customer needs and applying different methods. You can choose from a variety of body treatment: the energy massage, to relieve muscle tension and relieve pain, massage relaxation, ideal for those who want a lighter and more delicate touch.
In particular there is the Reiki treatment, which is able to identify the causes of physical and psychological blocks and rebalance energies. Stone Massage and Massage Candle come from Ayurvedic traditions, be pampered by regenerating treatments, capable of regulating the flow of energy, both physically and mentally.

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Francesco Chironna is not only a massage therapist but is also an expert on makeup, which is understood as exploitation of the natural lines of the face. As a student of the famous makeup Milanese designer Paolo Guatelli, known by the general public thanks to the TV program on RAI-2 "Detto Fatto", Francesco inherited the philosophy of make-up therapy, bringing this philosophy to Matera after a long experience in the fashion capital.
Beauty is authentic if it expresses the personality of the wearer and if make up is used for the service of self-esteem and not of pure aestheticism.

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Relaxing Massage (60 mins)     € 50

Energetic Massage (60 mins)     € 50

Candle Massage (60 mins)     € 60

Stone massage (60 min.)     € 55

Reiki (40 min.)     € 40

A lesson in self-make up     € 70

Eye lash curling     € 18

Eye lash tinting     € 15

Arcata definition     € 5- 10

Make up     € 40>